Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to ship my product?

All miners are expected to be shipped 7-10 days from payment completion. This is a general timeframe fulfilling international and domestic shipping times.

Miners labeled with a date, will be shipped from the manufacturer within the timeframe provided. Once the miner has been shipped it can take 7-10 days to be received varying on customs.

How much does customs charge?

Customs can vary from country to country, please research your local customs office to provide yourself with an accurate estimate.

How will I know my product has shipped?

You will be receiving an email with the shipping information as soon as it is provided to us.

I preordered a future batch delivery and I am moving houses before then, what can I do?

Please contact support as soon as possible with the new address so we can assist on updating your order before it is shipped. We are not responsible for the product shipping to your past address if you do not inform us of this change prior to it being shipped.

Is there a warranty on used Items?

We do not offer any warranty on a used product. The only warranty available on any items sold at Coin Miner will be through the manufacturer of the hardware. Please be sure to review the warranty policy per manufacturer and product.

What do I need to get started mining Bitcoin?

To get started in Bitcoin mining you will need to buy a miner such as the Antminer S19, internet, and 240v power. You can configure your miner, join a pool and start mining Bitcoin.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of the miner I’m about to purchase?

You can use a mining calculator such as: to calculate the current rates of the miner. We prefer not to provide these numbers over chat or email, for they change unexpectedly due to the fluctuations of the market.

What is the waitlist on the product page I can sign up for?

The “waitlist” is not a reservation list to reserve your miner or spot in line. When applying for the wait list you are essentially on a list to get direct notifications for when the inventory is updated on the website for that particular product.  When an order is cancelled or payment time expires, it will automatically add inventory back to the website and will notify people on the waitlist. If you visit the site and it shows out of stock after receiving notification, then they have already sold out again.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available only if a Dealer fails to ship a product. CoinMiner will not issue a refund on a product that is received in sub-satisfactory or faulty condition, for any failures by the Dealer to deliver on time, or changes in profitability due to market conditions. Please review the individual dealer’s refund policy or warranty, as that may be your only potential method of financial, legal or property recovery in the event you are not completely satisfied with your order except as otherwise listed in these Terms. If a refund must be made it will be in $USD for the original dollar amount of the product at the time of sale.

What payment methods do you accept? currently accepts BTC, LTC, USD Wire and many other options for localized global payments, we are also always adding new cryptocurrencies as well. Once an order is placed and a payment method is selected, the user will receive an invoice with instructions on how to complete their payment or for crypto payments an onsite payment QR code will be generated. For wire payments, payment must be received within seventy-two (72) hours after the receipt of the invoice. For BTC, LTC and other Crypto transfers, payment must be received and at least one confirmation within 60 minutes after the invoice is generated or the order will cancel. Crypto invoices will expire after this time frame due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates. The Order will be cancelled if payment is not received timely. If your payment has been made and the order still shows cancelled please contact our Live Help. Once payment is received through Wire or through BTC, LTC or Crypto transfer, the Order will be confirmed and Buyers will receive a confirmation email memorializing the transaction.

Will there be any additional international shipping charges?

All shipping charges will be calculated during checkout and applied before payment is made.