Baikal Giant-B – Ships Now

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Power supply:ATX Power(12V 6Pin connector * 6)
Interface:1 X Ethernet
Temp Operation:0 ~ 40 ℃
Dimension:312mm(L) x 125mm(W) x 130(H)


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Baikal Giant B is Baikal’s most powerful mining hardware. It is capable of mining five different algorithms, i.e., Blake gener256R14, Blake 256R8, Blake 2b, Lbry, and Pascal. The hash rate produced depends on the algorithm running on the hardware. For instance, Blake 256R14 is capable of producing an impressive hash rate of 160GH whereas Pascal can only produce a hash rate of 40GH.

For a smooth working of the mining hardware, a minimum of 600-watts of the power supply is always recommended. ATX with 12V and 6 pin connector is the power supply unit (PSU) which you should consider buying to mine efficiently using Baikal Giant B. It houses 189 chips each of which is equipped with custom-made warmness sinks made up of Aluminium alloy.

These chips are responsible for producing such an impressive hash rate. Buy Giant B now and start mining to earn huge profit. It is capable of generating a profit of $199.70 at an electricity rate of 0.1kwh/h. Currently, the support for X13, X14, and X15 is not available on the device.

However, the device is supposed to support 4 new algorithms in future updates. As soon as you buy Baikal Giant B, enter your wallet address and start mining. The device also allows the miner to customize mining pool settings.