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Baikal giant x10 for sale

Baikal Giant X10 is Baikal’s flagship multi-algorithm mining hardware. The multi-algorithm feature allows a miner to mine five different algorithms, i.e., X11, Quark, Qubit, Myriad-Groestl, and Skein. The mining hardware is capable of producing an impressive hash rate of 10 GH/s.

However, the produced hash rate may vary depending on the algorithm you are using for mining. For instance, while X11 generates a hash rate of 10 GH/s at an 800 watt of power usage, Skein, on the other hand, can only generate 5 GH/s hash rate at 120 watts of power usage.

For a smooth working of the hardware, the recommended power supply unit (PSU) is the ATX power supply with 12V plug and 6 PIN/8 PIN connector. A software update has also enabled the Giant X10 to mine additional two algorithms, Nist5 and X11 Ghost. Both these algorithms can be mined after updating the orange PI zero controller.

With these additions, the hardware would be able to mine a total of seven algorithms. Along with this, the future updates are also supposed to add 4 new different algorithms as well. While talking about the profitability, Giant X10 is highly efficient.