CoinMiner G470 GPU Miner + PSU – 100 units ships mid April


This is for 100 G470 miners – the combined hashrate will be 27GH/s on ETH. Miners ship mid April.


Out of stock

The G470 is the most stable top performing GPU miner on the market. This rig runs 9 RX 470 cards at a massive 270MH/s avg at only 1200w of power consumption. These units are loud and not made for the home miner, the enclosure has high CFM fans that keep the cards cool and at top performance in the hottest of mines.  The miner comes fully assembled with the GPUs, CPU, Ram, SSD and motherboard. This is not your traditional GPU miner with cords all over the place. These do not require risers, all GPUs plug directly into the onboard PCI slots, this = huge savings in deployment costs and trouble shooting a rig. Once you mine with a GPU rig like this there is no going back to open air units. The price includes PSU.

The expected delivery time is mid April. This order is for 100 units which is the minimum.