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iBeLink DSM7T Miner — PSU Included

SKU: iBelinkDSM7T
WATTS: 2100

Shipping: 10 business days after order is placed

PSU Included

Please contact for bulk inquiries


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The world’s best ASIC miner for Blake256 and Blake2b in 1 machine, the iBeLink™ DSM7T Miner (Blake256 – Hash Rate: 7 TH/s ±5%, Power: 2100W, 0.30 J/GH) (Blake2b – Hash Rate: 3.5TH/s ±5%, Power: 2100W, 0.60 J/GH).

It is suitable for high-efficiency mining of Decred (DCR) and other cryptocurrencies with the Blake256 algorithm and mining of SiaCoin (SC) and other cryptocurrencies with the Blake2b algorithm.

Keeping the same easy to use all-in-one design philosophy, the iBeLink™ DSM7T is a highly integrated modular miner. This allows for reliability and ease of maintenance and repair.

To setup the miner you simply connect a power cable and an Ethernet cable to the miner. Six high-speed cooling fans run at top speed (by default connected to a 12V power supply) to provide adequate cooling for the iBeLink™ DSM7T miner.

This miner has been designed with many self-diagnosing, self-recovery, and automatic email warning capabilities to make your mining life easier.

The iBeLink™ DSM7T miner contains 4 hashing blades and a TNBPI-I controller. Each hashing blade contains 48 ASIC chips and can be managed (or controlled) to mine separately.


The enclosed PSU is for 190v to 240v, 50Hz/60Hz. The typical U.S. residence outlet of 120v will not work.